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Easy Lyfe

Flying Fidget Spinner 2.0

Flying Fidget Spinner 2.0

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Our advanced hand-controlled Fidget Flyer
has amazing color-changing led lights. It also has smart flight with different speeds and throwing angles that allow an easy boomerang effect. The intelligence of the Fidget Flyer helps you create your own unique way of playing. On top of that, the colorful LEDs will light up the night to make it even more mesmerizing.

USB charging - The Fidget Flyer will take 15-20
minutes for a full charge. The charging cord
can be plugged into any working power
outlet/source. The indicator light will come on
when the Flyer is charging and will go off when
fully charged. It can be recharged and played
with over and over again.

Endless entertainment for ALL ages - The
Fidget Flyer can be played with both indoors
and outdoors. It is a great toy for parties and a
perfect cure for boredom. It is a fun way for
improving children's creativity. For adults, it is
a great way to reduce stress and pass time. It
is the perfect gift for any audience.

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